PR Bunker and Environmental Recovery Fee (ERF) – Effective 2/19

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Dear Valued Customer,

Tote Maritime has announced that Effective February 19th, 2018, all shipments are subject to an Environmental Recovery Fee (ERF). This fee will be passed along as a cost directly related to marine diesel fuel. The additional charge will apply to all ocean container and LCL shipments per below:

  • $ 6 per LCL shipment
  • $_50_ per 20’ft
  • $_55_ per 40’ft
  • $_55_ per 45’ft
  • $_67_ per 53’ft

A summary of current bunker charges is as follows:


* Does not include ERF effective 2/19/18.

Furthermore, although January and February are traditionally slower months, since the Electronic Login Device (ELD) mandate in December, we have seen higher than normal shipping volumes. We are closely monitoring trucking capacity, as these factors can affect operations as well as increasing trucking costs.


We will continue developing proactive solutions to serve our customers’ needs in this volatile environment.

Thank you for your continued support.

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