Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) – Effective 12/18

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To: All Caribbean Shipping Customers

Date: November 30th, 2017


The purpose of this email is to inform you about the ELD Mandatory Compliance Phase In date effective December 18, 2017.

What is it?

The ELD is an electronic logging device mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

All drivers and motor carriers who currently maintain records of duty status (paper logs) will now comply with the Electronic Logs Mandate.


What Does it Mean to Me?

This defines how much driving can be done in one day.  A 11-hour drive time at normal highway speeds means drivers should be able to travel about 600 miles legally.

The Federal hours of service do not specifically limit the distance that can be driven in one day, but they do limit the hours that can be spent driving, as follows:

  • Drivers of commercial; motor vehicles are limited to 11 hours of driving after having 10 consecutive hours off duty.  However, this is not a daily limit.  Under this provision, a driver could hypothetically drive for 11 hours, take 10 hours off, and drive another 3 hours before the end of a 24-hour day.

All the drive time and off time will now be recorded electronically (ELD), no longer manually using paper logs.


What You Need to Consider When Booking Loads

I suggest you speak with your suppliers to insure enough time allotted for pick up of the cargo when you are placing orders.

This is critical for customers that are manufacturing for loading.  Shelf life and temperature sensitive cargo.  Please call for more information.

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